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Brief Introduction


Shaoxing, with green hills and beautiful water as well as with outstanding personalities and favourable soil, is located in the northeast part of Zhejiang province, with the famous touring city Hangzhou on its west and between both big ports Shanghai and Ningbo. The traffic is quite convenient for sea, land and air, the information networks extend in all directions. Shaoxing is named in the first batch as one of the historical and cultural renowned cities among the key developing cities in the Yangtze River Delta by the State Council Shaoxing has long been know as"land of fish & rice" and "home of silk".It is also the hometown of Mr. Luxun, one of the greatest writer in China and the ancestors' residence of Premier Zhou Enlai.
Shaoxing the city has formed three big industrial classes of textile, machinery, wine making as the main part, at the same time has the complete industrial classes of metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, building materials, leather, medicine and printing & dyingetc. With the abound qualified personal resources, plentiful labourers, complete industrial classes, Shaoxing has the vast potentialities of the international cooperation.

Approved by the Ministery of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation of P.R.C, China Shaoxing International Economics & Technical Cooperation Corp(SETC) is a state owned enterprise with the status of legal person engaged in a comprehensive range of business. The Corporation follows the principle of “equality and mutual benefit ,efficiency respect , manifold cooperation and mutual development”. According to the management policy “respecting contract , ensuring quality and good faith “,the Corporation develops business as well as economic & technical cooperation with government departments , corporation and enterprises in various kind of countries and rigions , so as to flourish the economy in China , and all over the world . Scope of Chief Business:

1. To undertake contracting in various forms of engineering projects abroad , as well as of domestic foreign-funded engineerings.
2. To import & export needed equipment and materials of above-mentioned engineerings.
3. To render labourers concerning various kinds of engineerings ,production & service trade.
4. To hold various kind of enterprises outside the country according to the state regulations.
5. To import & export commodities in the third kind.
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